Summary Guide 

to the Archives of Transtibiscan Reformed Church District

The guide introdices the document material issued by the various organisations, offices institutions and clerical person within the jurisdiction of the Transtibiscan Reformed Church District and those compiled by the Archives itself. The material of the Archives is classified at a mid-level of classification. The office hystory given to the founds and divisions of the Archives, and surveys on the circumstances of the issueing of the documents provide help for research; the store-units recorded according to inventory serves for securing protection, easy handling of the documents and exact usage of the references.

The guide introduces the material of the Archives in I-II. sections:
Section I, documents issued from 1567 by organisations and clerical person within the jurisdiction of the Transibiscan Reformed Church District.
Section II, documents issued after 1588 by the Reformed College of Debrecen and its institutions.

I. The church district archives material consists of the correspondance between the office of the bishop, the bishops, officials of the church district and government agencies, church organisations (“Egyetemes Konvent” X the supreme executive body of the church, national synod, church dioceses and parishes), other churches and their organisations, and documents of historical importance isseud during their period of office. The guide introduces the archives material of church social work, press, library, archives, museum, finance office, mission bases, boarding schools, people's schools of adult education, pension institute, and association of ministers, teachers, tutors, the data-store collections, posthumous documents of church-historians (Miklós Sinai, Imre Révész, the older), and collections of presents and deposits, in which there are copies of manuscripts from the XIII th. century.

The section on the church disrict includes the document material, with the description of the historical changes of the church dioceses and affiliations of the parishes, placed in the Archives by the church dioceses parishes and institutions maintained by them, within the jurisdiction of the church district.

II. The archives material of the Reformed College of Debrecen from 1588 gives detailed information on the historical development and archive sources of the college, theological academy, minister training institute, grammar school, teachers training school, and the primary and secondary school within the College. It supplies information concerning the organisation of the College, the tasks of its institutions, offices, the duties of the offices of the Senior, the Contrascriba, the curate, the tseward, the advisor of law, the history of student hostel and various founds, and the activity of the teachers and youth associations.

The guide includes a list of contents and an explanatory preface at the beginning of the volume, and indices of names of people and places, and subjects at the end.

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